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Los widgets de Ubuntu para anunciar la salida de Ubuntu 12.04 “Precise Pangolin”.

Ubuntu a través de su Wiki acaba de dar a conocer los nuevos widgets para anunciar (o anticipar) como prefieran, la publicaciòn de la pròxima versiòn de Ubuntu, por todos conocida con el nombre de Ubuntu 12.04 “Precise Pangolin”.

A diferencia de otras versiones esta vez han sido muchos los colaboradores que han trabajado para desarrollar nuevos widgets.
El siguiente es el resumen que aparece en el wiki de Ubuntu:
Andrew_30.png Andrew_Almost_Here.png Andrew_Here.png
I feel kind of bad to say that I used a closed source application to make this (Photoshop CS5--Shame on me), but I do like where it ended up. The design is made up of 32 static images in .png format. I've made an archive of all of them (including the .psd) that you can get here:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5187757/Countdown.zip, and you can email me at datadude3(at)gmail.com, and I'll try to get back to you quickly.
Ubuntu has always been my linux distribution of choice, and I used it as my main operating system for almost 2 years on my old laptop. Ubuntu was able to breathe new life into that machine, and in the end, I had it for about 5 years before I had to replace it (And even now it runs Ubuntu fine). When I did replace it, I kept Windows as my main OS (again, shame on me), but kept Ubuntu as a virtual machine. I think Ubuntu has a great community, which is why I decided to give back to it (Even with something as simple as a countdown banner).
Arslan Atajanov.
30_Arslan.png 1_Arslan.png arslan0.png arslanhere.png
Hello. This is my first and I hope not the last contribution to the Ubuntu. I have created 32 countdown images using Inkscape. In addition, I have published an archive which includes all 32 images and one .svg file (Link: http://ubuntuone.com/3pJxbnreVclBpQEmeh0JXk). E-mail: arslan.atajanov(at)gmail.com
javiergmxd30.png javiergmxd1.png javiergmxdAlmost.png javiergmxdHere.png
Hi!, this is my first contribution to Ubuntu's artwork, I really like Ubuntu since 7.04... (link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6184592/Ubunto12.04Countdown.zip) The .zip includes 32 cutdown .png images and three .svg templates for inkscape... e-mail: javiergmxd@gmail.com
Gerhard Großmann.
The horizontal stripe lets the banner seem lower and wider. Also I tried to be very clean, minimalistic and used a high contrast to attract attention. All renderings, the preview and the Gimp file can be downloaded (at least until April) at http://ubuntuone.com/7DpqjIejP3fAwWhmmECLeB. For questions, recommendations and reviews I’m looking forward to getting mails via postfach2b(at)web.de.
Sanjay Rohila.
Sanjay-29daystogo.png Sanjay-almosthere.png Sanjay-itsherenow.png
Hi, This is my first contribution to ubuntu. I just tried to make it not bad. I created three images. I am not a designer but I tried my way.
Joe Iwannou.
kisses-30days-left.png kisses-almost-here.pngkisses-its-here.png
Joe Iwannou
30-left1.png almost-here-1.pngits-here-1.png
Hi, This is my first contribution to ubuntu too.I made with inkscape all photos
Jose Marcos.
pangolin30.png ubuntu_coming_soon.png ubuntu_it_is_here.png
Hello all! here is my contribution for precise countdown banner, I hope you like it!. The images [*.png and *.svg] are available @ http://ubuntuone.com/3B4k5zx16sL24lxLu2zdlI and my e-mail is jm4rcos@gmail.com
Jan Žárský.
Jan_Zarsky_04.png Jan_Zarsky_03.png Jan_Zarsky_02.png Jan_Zarsky_01.png
Hi, it's my first contribution for countdown banner. The PNGs and SVGs are available here. My e-mail is jan.zarsky(at)gmail.com There is javascript: http://precisecountdown.site88.net/script.js
Corbin Davenport.
Hi there! I entered the 11.10 Countdown contest last year and I got an honorable mention, so I entered again! I made some visual changes to last year's 'model', but it's mostly the same code. It's orange, with a white Ubuntu logo in the middle. The background is the same as the Ubuntu website navigation menu. The entire widget is one compressed HTML file, so it loads faster than an image of the same size (An image would be 20 KB, my entire widget is 8 KB). It uses CSS3 and a little JavaScript, and is extremely lightweight.
Any website with my old widget embedded has been updated to the new one, and does not require any code change. If you have any questions, please email me at corbin.d@corbindavenport.com
You can view a demo here: http://corbindavenport.com/ubuntu/ (You can also embed the code)
Anton Zolotuhin.
30.png coming soon.png It's here!.png
Hello. I found the information about Precise Countdown Banner and I've decided to participate in it. This is my contribution to the Ubuntu and I hope, that my creativity isn't so bad.  The complete set of banners you can find here. If there are any questions on these banners you may ask me by mail: zolotuhin87@gmail.com.
Best regards, Anton
Patrice Maziero.
pat_30.png pat_comingsoon.png pat_itshere.png
My first little contribution to ubuntu with the great Inkscape. Hope you'll enjoy! My mail: patrice.maziero@gmail.com.
12.04, I can't wait !
Hisham Hamza.
Hisham_count.png Hisham_comn.png Hisham_here.png
Hello, all!
I've been familiar with Ubuntu since 5.04 (a long time indeed) and I've always hoped to give something back. So, I've recently started to dabble with GIMP (running on Xubuntu 11.10) and these banner attempts are the outcome and my first contribution (hopefully, the first of many).
Hope you all enjoy it. You can throw all those comments and criticisms at hisham(dot)hamza(at)gmail(dot)com.
Cheers and regards,
Hisham Hamza
Vladimir Sojkic.
ub1204-cdtw-vld-30-days.png ub1204-cdtw-vld-1-day.png ub1204-cdtw-vld-coming-soon.png ub1204-cdtw-vld-its-here.png
Hello Ubuntu World,
I've done Precise Countdown Banner in GIMP and this banner contains 32 png files which are packed in tar.gz. and you can download it from http://ubuntuone.com/1hzlMlClrgaWILHluaf6GI
It's my first contribution in this project and you can send your messages to my e-mail vladimirsojkic(at)ovi(dot)com
Roberto Pérez Favela.
rover30.png rover15.png rover01.png roveritsAlmostHere.png roveritsHere.png
Hi I'm Roberto from Durango dgo. Mexico. I'm glad to share with you my design for the 12.04 countdown banner http://ubuntuone.com/1fL2VMuhgcYbYhd9i1JqAH I hope you like it, I'm certain that a very important part of Ubuntu's future rests on the UI design. Unity is a huge step ahead, along with the new Ubuntu font, and I'm sure that your new icon set will be another great success I'm looking forward to see how the T.V and Mobile projects evolve.
Greatings to all the Ubuntu Community and design team.
You can contact me at elroberup@gmail.com or my twitter account @el_rover
da copa.
1.gif 2.gif
hello! I am "da copa", I'm from Ecuador I learned of this contest, and here is my work, everything was done in Inkscape and blender and the effect of animation was done through console commands in ubuntu... My email is dacopan@yahoo.es as I am not a great writer, not know what else to write so this is my job, I hope you like it, and devil take the hindmost; Of course I hope to be the winner. also if something is poorly written excuse me because I speak Spanish thank you
Aditia A. Pratama.
30_aditia.png 7_aditia.png comingsoon_aditia.png itshere_aditia.png
Greetings everyone, I'm Aditia from Balikpapan, Indonesia. Here I present you with the design of 12.04 countdown banner. I hope you like it. I run ubuntu mostly for graphic design purpose, I also teach people to use ubuntu and other opensource program. I'm very happy to sharing this with you guys.
Thanks for all Ubuntu developer and all ubuntu design team, hopefully I can join you guys. Thanks Canonical for being so nice Smile :)
The embed code and source file will be available soon in my site at FOSSGrafis.com.
You can also contact me at aditia.ap@gmail.com or mention me on twitter account @aditia_ap.
Thank you and regards.
Stephen A. Sherwood.
1-sasherwood93.png 15-sasherwood93.png 22-sasherwood93.png 30-sasherwood93.png its_almost_here-sasherwood93.png its_here-sasherwood93.png
Hello fellow ubuntu-ers. I'm Stephen from Lancashire, United Kingdom. Here represents my contribution to the design contest for the ubuntu 12.04 countdown banner.
I've been switching from ubuntu and Windows, for college reasons, but have finally landed with ubuntu and I am not using Windows any more. I'm trying to use open-source software and resources, but as you can tell from my contribution it's going slow.
Hope you guys like it.
Thanks to all the ubuntu teams and developers, as well as other contributors.
email: sasherwood93@gmail.com;
Javier Mariscal.
Mariscal_30.png Mariscal_1.png Mariscal_coming_soon.png Mariscal_its_here.png
Greetings to the Ubuntu community. This is my contribution for the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin edition I've been waiting a long time. The countdown consists in a gear symbolizing the development work, together with the banner "it's here", where I have tried to reflect an geometric and adaptable design.
You can download it from here
For any suggestions contact: duendeymora(at)gmail.com
Yelena Petrovic.
YP30.png YPsoon.png YPhere.png
Hi! That's my personal design for Precise Pangolin countdown banner, hope you like it Smile :)
Download images and source in http://dl.dropbox.com/u/58823486/YPcountdown.zip
If you have any questions, concerns or ideas about this countdown design, please feel free to contact me at petrovic@telefonica.net
George Horak.
GH1.png GH2.png GH3.png GH4.png
Warm greetings from South Africa! This entry presents my first contribution to the Ubuntu community, despite having been a user since version 9.04. Ubuntu, together with the vast and friendly community supporting it, has handed me my productivity back after years on Windows, of which I have no intention on returning to. The best things truly are free as they say.
The "package" consists of 32 png's in total, rendered at 180 px(W) by 150 px(H) as per requirement. All images and effects were solely produced with Inkscape. I reckon they look best on a medium to dark background.
Best of luck to all the contestants - the entries looks amazing.
For the complete set of prepared images (including a single SVG template), drop me a line at..
30d.png comingd.png 30-2.png coming-2.png
Hi, this is my project, you can contact me at yono_ledoy_mi_nombre_aunamaquina@yahoo.es;
Everything was done in blender, the colors were given in gimp ...
I have the banner on the subject of two colors a blue background and one more with colors of ubuntu...
the best man win...
Silviu-Ionut Radu.
VERY Simple CDB.
29_days_left_sir.png 13_days_left_sir.png 07_days_left_sir.png coming_soon_sir.png is_here_sir.png
I took the freedom to make a VERY simple banner for this version. You can see all the images here https://picasaweb.google.com/109022872935574791572/Ubuntu1204CDB?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCMLE1rz14rCJYA&feat=directlink
Mathias Menzer.
I thought about a clock counting the last seconds towards 12:04 .
mfm-precise-02.png mfm-precise-01.png mfm-precise-00.png mfm-precise-here.png
All the pictures in an archive: http://ubuntuone.com/2rqZgK4MVzBuJKU94MwaaJ
Contact: ubuntu@menzer.net
fuente: Ubuntuland

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